What is this website all about?

Our primary model is that of an online marketing resource which includes providing local small business directory listings in all the areas of the North Texas region. Additionally local entrepreneurs can be featured with business write ups, reviews and interviews. We also offer products that teach how to advertise on search engines and social media networks and assist them with getting high quality traffic to their websites.

When did InDfw Start?

Initially it started in 2013 and was intended to be a local social network. But with the rise of Facebook pages and groups, we decided to stand down on that deal. However all through 2016 our research showed a large demand for targeted search engine presence as well as getting businesses discovered or branded on social networks. 2017 is the new launch. Everything you could want to know or see can be found from the website homepage.

What is InDfw.net’s business model to make money or is this a non-profit?

We are a for profit company. Reputation is everything. If a client advertises with us or utilizes our online marketing services, then we feel it is our responsibility to make sure they get a positive ROI and the money they spend with us. The ROI meaning they get more customers. The selling and closing is up to the sales skills of the biz owner or call takers.

So you offer online marketing services too?

Yes, but for a certain type of clientele in certain niches or industries. Use the support or contact us button to find out more. We limit the number of clients we can service for this service. This service, by the way consists of getting traffic and generating leads.

Do you create and sell websites?

We have a preferred vendor who does this and we would like to put you in touch with them. However, initially you may be better served by having a ‘webpage’ hosted on from this website as it highly like to be found in the search engines, thus driving in more prospects to sell to. To find out more about this then look at the directory plan options.

What is your business directory?

Our directory is a guide for either local residents or those outside of the area looking for products or services here. They could be looking for a beauty salon, restaurant, automobile insurance quote; mortgage home loan quote, landscaper or hardwood flooring. The list could go on. The directory is customized and unique. Online visitors can contact a company from it. Video and photos can also be added. 

What’s the webinar thing I saw?

It’s two things actually. First, for those who are upgraded paid members here at InDfw.net Media will have access to a platform where they can create a sales webinar to pitch their service or product to an audience they invite to the webinar. These sales webinars have I closing ratios because they create likability and trust quickly. This is a great way to build an audience and sell to them.

Secondly, we here at InDfw.net Media know a lot about internet marketing. Gary, our founder is the expert at it and will hold one or two online marketing coaching call webinars to our upgraded paid members. The content provided on these private marketing and advertising webinars are the secrets that are closely guarded by other professional online marketing firms that work with small businesses. Why pay them when you can simply find out how to do it for yourself and save thousands of dollars in monthly marketing fees.

Who is allowed to create a directory listing?

Any business that operates in our defined area of North Texas. Additionally a company must be local and hold either an assumed business name certificate from the county they are located in or have a corporate structure setup and registered with the Texas Secretary of State.

Who can not register at this website?

Any business, company or website that does not reside at a local ‘brick and mortar’ location in our defined North TX. area. You must hold a commercial lease or own your commercial property. If you run your business from your home, like a house cleaning company or bookkeeper for example… Then contact us for support. Do you want to advertise your home address? Anyway we monitor all of the listings. We do this to maintain the integrity of this directory by verifying all listings that are submitted. Business opportunities and multi level marketing schemes are not accepted. When in doubt contact support. We’ll reply quickly.

Our first Logo back in 2013:

indfw north tx business network logo

Thank you for taking a few moments from your busy day to discover more about InDfw.net the North Texas online small business network platform and small business directory.