How to Beat Chargebacks

Got customers who are not playing nice by charging back their credit card for services you provided?


Credit card companies force these charge backs on to your business at the request of the credit card holder. Just seems something is not right with this.

Want to significantly reduce the number of chargeback’s your company has to deal with?

credit card customer holding cardIn my free report, I will show you how to deal with this big problem and feel much better when you accept payments for services rendered from your customers or clients. This method works for both online businesses and local small businesses too. These are ways to avoid credit card charge backs and these secrets are known by only a few. Soon you will know all of them too!

If your business was recently started let me warn you that there are liars and cheaters out there. Don’t believe, just wait and see. Not all, but a few may have bad intentions. My business has been hit with unexpected chargebacks too. 

It is really important to avoid getting that dreaded ‘Retrieval Notice’ from the provider of your visa, amex, mastercard merchant account. This type of notification will reference a certain transaction that occurred and they may be requesting sales documentation because one of your customers may have disputed as an invalid transaction. 

Don’t you hate when that happens?

So for example, if a company had sent a product to a customer or provided a service and the business accepted the customers credit card payment. Depending on how that business responds to the retrieval notice from the disputed transaction, will determine if be able to keep the funds of that ‘sale’.

Failure to provide the proper docs could result in finalization of the chargeback. Basically this money will be deducted from their merchant accounts balance, even if the product was shipped. The same can happen with services being rendered too. Seems like legalized ‘theft of service’ to me. Additionally, fees as a result of this can be charged to the merchant too.

Are chargebacks from your customers fair? I don’t think so. (my opinion) Certainly there is a dispute, but any respectable customer with dignity would contact the merchant first if there was a problem with the product or services rendered. Those that go and complain strait to their credit card companies are in my opinion are most likely not playing fair? Don’t you agree?

There are many things you can do now to prevent this...

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If you need to learn more about chargebacks, this website contains more information, explanations and definitions. (opens in a new tab)