How to Legally Steal Your Competitions Customers

customer making a purchaseSo do you really want to know how you can legally take as many customers as you want for your local business?

Now before I go on and explain what this is all about, let me point out who this is for and who it is not for…

If you own or run a local business or practice and you want more customers, clients or patients every month, then this is for you. Before I begin and to my surprise I have also met several local business owners who are happy where they are at, prefer to rely on referrals and are not in growth phase. Aren’t interested in hiring either. This post is not for you if this is where you are at… This is for the hungry local business owner or entrepreneur who wants to make more money, grow and scale. It’s not that hard, actually…

For this method to work, your business and your service area needs to be in a city or town of less than 200,000 people. Or the target communities that you do business in are 200,000 people or less. I think you get the idea. This is what is working for me.

On a side note… Thought that I’d quickly mention that I wrote the above pre-qualifying paragraph because I do not want to waste anybody’s time and I am kind of disappointed lately with how many local business owners don’t want to grow and hire. It was really surprising…

Anyway lets get on with it. Everyday on the internet there is a very popular website that people in the area of where you do business will go to find a business like yours. Whether you sell a product, service or both, your type of business is being sought after by real potential customers almost daily in several cases. This includes home services, medical, legal, automobile, contractors and the list goes on.

The website is I’m sure you heard of it…

small business local marketing imageFor example there are over 1,000 searches every month for dentists in Arlington TX. The keyword: dentists in Arlington tx is what we consider a ‘buyer or commercial intent’ keyword. It is a money keyword. Anyone who searches for a business and adds a city or local modifier like Arlington or Arlington tx is looking for someone to help them in the area.

Most online search engine users contact a local business that is listed on the first page of the search engines results page also called SERP. Just about nobody ever clicks to page 2 to view more results. The first page generally has enough listings and those are the businesses that are getting new customers, clients or patients every month.

If your business is not listed on the first page of the local search engines results page of Google, then you are NOT getting those new customers.

So how do you get those valuable online searchers who are looking for a local business or practice like yours?


Get your website listed near the top of those organic search listings on page one of Google! Bump off your competitors and now you will be able to get the new business, not them. Don’t worry about them getting bumped, worry about yourself and your business.

The problem is that it is very difficult to get listed at the top where the high quality buyer traffic is, unles you know someone who can help achieve this. And there is a way… I really am reluctant to mention the word ‘search engine optimization,’ or SEO, but that is what has to be done. Many local companies have used agencies and are achieving amazing results. Just depends on who you hire to help.

Many local small businesses have also used the services of an SEO agency and have lost a lot of money and time. This industry is unregulated and there are folks out there that can present a good pitch, but will not be able to deliver the results promised. This type of service is becoming more difficult to sell. My suggestion is to go with someone you know, like and can trust. Search engine optimization DOES WORK. Just need to find the agency that can do it. ( Media)

Anyway, go ahead go to and Google your business type with the city you do business in.

Like appliance repair Waco, for example…

local online marketing specialist picHow many pages deep is your website listed? If any? So if it is on page 2 or further down it will sit there and do nothing unless something is done. That’s how it works. Now is a good time to contact us if you want us to help you. We know exactly what to do to get you to the top and offer a 60 day money back Guarantee. Yeah, we’ll have your website on the first page in less than 60 days! Or all money paid is refunded ASAP. That is how confident we are. Just use the support feature on this website to contact us. By the way, you should know that a website that has buyers traffic becomes a valuable asset. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. We can get your website to the top.

If you are ready for more customers every month, I mean MORE customers every month as you will continue to get more phone calls and email inquiries, then this is for you. If you can’t handle growth right now, that’s OK, bookmark this page and contact us later, when you are ready. The search engines are providing local businesses with a large amount of new customers all the time. Not the phone books, newspapers, flyers and all of the other stuff.

That’s my mug shot in the photo, so you know I am real and based in Irving TX. Contact us or use the support system. I look forward to your inquires in finding out more. No hard sales pitches ever. Just want to help. My staff and I are very talented in this aspect.