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Sometimes we can all get busy working on our business and may forget to do those necessary marketing activities. If you have noticed a low amount of traffic to your website then you may have not worked on getting listed in search engines and their business listing directories? This is a good way to get others in your community to find your business. Many people use the internet to search for a business near them for products and services. Many people prefer to do business with someone local. You would be surprised at how many small businesses have not listed them selves. Let’s examine further what local search is and how to get your company listed in there.

What Is Local Search?

Here is an example to describe what I am talking about and you should seriously consider. If a person in Dallas, Texas types in “Plumber” in to Google they will get a big list of local plumber paid ad results as well as Google map listings and organic general listings of plumbers. If that person were to enter Dallas Plumber then they will get a big list of local plumbers. So if you do business as a plumber in Dallas TX, then you will have to consider getting listed in the local search results. This way new customers can find you. Consider getting professional SEO services to get lots of local traffic to your website.

Getting Your Listing

The first step in the process is to have a website.

Please consider the following when setting up your company website.

Make sure your domain name reflects your brand, location and type of business. Something like A name like this quickly identifies what you do.

Every webpage on your website will need to have keywords because this will help the search engines understand what it is about.

On the homepage of your site make sure your business name, phone number and your local address are listed there plus on all of the other webpages. Do not use an image to publish this information. Make sure it is typed in text, always use the EXACT same name address and phone number on all content. Do NOT mix it up.

Local Directory Submission – Getting Listed

Get reviews and responses

Some directories like Yelp, Yellow book, ibegin and Google places/maps is where you want to list your business. When you list your company, the listing is known as a citation. Make sure any information you submit is accurate and all of it is totally consistent. Again use the same exact, repeatable NAP (name, address, telephone). Make a note of it. Your business listing profiles should also contain images, videos and any other information that your new customers can use.

When consumers find a business they like, there is a tendency for them to do further research to evaluate your company. Get your happy customers to leave good reviews.

From your directory listing be sure to link out to your Facebook page too. If you get a good review from someone share it on your social media accounts. On a side note if someone wants to leave a bad review about a business, I think that they should contact the company first to get the issue resolved before publicly complaining about it. People are able to update or modify a review. If you get a bad one, reach out to them and see if they can change it. Find out what’s bothering them and hopefully they will change their opinion.

If you are ready to grow your business and want more customers every moth, then seriously consider taking advantage of the search engines like The amount of traffic (people/prospects) that you could tap into is incredible! SO if you have a website ready to go get listed with the search engines and the directories.

We here at can also assist with local Dallas SEO or you can do it yourself. If you have questions or want to know more then use the contact us or support link to reach us.