Marketing Methods Not Commonly Used

strategies for offline marketing


Besides all of the popular ways to advertise and market your business, here are some less common offline marketing strategies that could work for your business.

When developing a marketing plan it is important know how you will approach it, identify the objective and measure the results. Below are 3 less commonly used marketing methods that can be really effective.


In your local area there may be many recreation or competitive activities that can be sponsored. The park district may have soccer and baseball leagues or even football and hockey. There may be both youth and adult divisions. Why not sponsor a team or an event to get the word out about your business or a charity? Many local companies over look this opportunity.

There could be a local run or marathon event to raise funds that a charity may be in need of. When sponsoring an event there may be some guideline to follow. Depending on the organization they may want things done a certain way, for example they may need some items paid for by you like t-shirts that staff could wear.

Charity Work and Events

Is there something want to do to help a charity or a person? Perhaps one of your customers is experiencing a hardship of some sort or maybe there is a local community program that could use your help? Participate and help, this way you can meet others and get the word out about your business.

Charity organizations that host events like it when a local business donates a product or a service. You could go even further and simply host your own event if you want to bring attention to a cause that is important to you. When donating something to a charity event, you can increase public awareness to your company is many ways.

Donors are publicly recognized by the charities that they help. These organizations have marketing materials and publications that can advertise your business. If you have an email list of customers and followers on your social media accounts then you can share the event with them to get the word out. This will certainly help brand and build attention to your business.

Local Telemarketing

The reputation of telemarketing is not very good these days. If you would like to pursue this form of marketing you could hire a company to do the calling for you. Plus they will be familiar with telemarketing laws. Using a survey for the reason of the call is an effective way to keep the people on the phone and collect more information. As an incentive for someone to participate in the survey offer a coupon or something for free. This type of marketing is affordable and yield good results. The offer will need to be tested as well as the questions on the survey.

These are 3 descent offline marketing ideas that may be worth a shot. Set up an objective (what you want to achieve) by writing down a good plan and always track/measure results. When you find a winning offline marketing strategy, do it again as needed.