Mobile Marketing – 3 Ways to Take Advantage of it

using a mobile device


There are two ways to use mobile marketing for your retail business. To begin you will want to make sure your website is mobile friendly. What this means is that your business website must fit into a mobile device without the user have to scroll right and left to see the webpage. The other one is to use a mobile app. You can use a mobile application and expand your audience reach via their mobile device.

Mobile Websites

If you have a website obviously it will fit fine on a desktop computer. These types of websites are wide and have difficulty fitting onto mobile devices. They need to be optimized for mobile phones too. You can check here to test your website. Additionally larger websites will eat up more of their data plan gigabytes and you don’t want to be frustrating your new customers.

When people are out and about they utilize mobile search in a different way. That is because they will be using shorter keyword search phrases. They will also be selective of what websites they visit. When new prospects and customers land on your website from their phones you want to be certain that they get a great user experience. Learn more if your business needs to get a mobile website.

QR codes are another way to get visitors to your website. This is a 2 – dimensional code that users scan with their mobile phone. Once this code is scanned, they are automatically taken to your website. (A user will need a QR code scanner on their phone in order to do this) So if you can place your QR code on printed materials, it can be scanned by someone and taken to your website homepage or a webpage you designate for a product or service. QR codes can be printed on flyers, newspapers, printed ads and even on packages. In order to get someone to scan one of these codes, you will have to come up with a good offer or some sort of reason to incentivize.

website on a mobile device

Mobile Applications

A new and popular way to reach new customers is using a mobile application. When you use something like this, those that have your app installed can get access to special promos and offers. As far as price goes in getting one of these developed could start at a few hundred dollars and up to over a thousand dollars. Just depends on the size and scope of the project. Ask your web designer what they know about this and perhaps ask them for a referral.

If your tech savvy, there are some programs online that you could utilize to build your own mobile application in a few hours time. Need an idea for an app? How about this for starters… Remember in the good old days when a business gave you a card to redeem for something free after ten punches? Well you can offer a loyalty program like this using your new mobile application on your customers phone.

If you have customers in your store they can get a coupon delivered to their phone via the mobile app. This is a good way to provide value to your customers and is the way of the future.

SMS (text messages)

Using email is one good way of sending out marketing messages. Another great way is to send SMS text messages to. Get a message right onto their devices and it will always be seen, unlike email. However you will need to get the phone numbers of your customers. The way to do this is to incentivize with a great offer that will motivate them to give their phone number. By obtaining their phone number they are giving you permission to send something. If you send something via SMS it has got to be good every time, to avoid an unsubscribe reply. Coupons and discount codes were great for this method.

This segment is growing rapidly. This is because it works. The technology and demand for this is on the up rise. This is because we are all spending more time on our mobile phones. So here is a really good opportunity for you to grow your business with technology. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to discovering online marketing success with mobile marketing.